Google Stock Update – 19July2015

We have been long on Google stock for a long time, and the stock has consistently rewarded our buying at lower level. Google was the super-star of the past week, going up 26% like a rocket launched into space, rising from $532 on Monday to $672 on Friday, a gain of $140 of 26.3% in the week, with most of it coming on Friday. It feels like a very strong short-squeeze because investors rarely bid up stock prices so rapidly. Therefore, whether this sharp vertical move will sustain or get sold will be determined by global market mood in the coming days. Google has shown the ability to hold large gains in the past, and it has also lost large gains rapidly many times because of profit booking. Based on Momentum indicators, this vertical rise is most likely to be sold into, and we should see correction in the coming days. Investors must consider booking some profits in Google stock. Its a windfall gain, and some profits must be taken home. Fresh stock buying in Google at current level is not advisable. Let it stabilize first.  Nasdaq also has run up rapidly from 4900 to 5200, so there may be a 100 point correction this coming week to 5100, before an upmove can resume. Traders can book profits on Nasdaq Futures, and consider buying 80-100 points lower.

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