Buy DLF with 5 year timeframe

One of the best long term investment opportunities available today is the stock of DLF — India’s largest real estate developer, and a constituent of Nifty 50 Index. We believe property prices in India have increased nothing compared to the rise we will see in next 5 years. Thanks for QE2, global liquidity will continue to flow into India during the next 5 years, and all commodity prices including property will increase in the emerging markets like India; property prices may increase significantly more than metals. The recent plot sale of Rs 5 billion by DLF is a good example of how they can start monetizing land bank assets, which DLF has in plenty. If you want to trade DLF for Rs 20-30 gains, that’s your decision. However, we believe one can confidently buy at any price between 250 and 300 (which we got last week as well) and hold this stock for over 250% gain in 4-5 years, by when the stock may cross Rs 1000.