Q1. How can one benefit from your stock market expertise?

Answer: We aim to help stock traders/ investors worldwide. We also share our views on the stock market developments regularly on the website, which all visitors can read. We hope that through this website, you will learn more about Stock Trading, and that you will make more careful and profitable investments, both in short-term and long-term.

Q2. Who are the people behind AlphaStockTrading.com?

Answer: Our team has traders and investors with experience in the global stock markets including US Dow Jones, NASDAQ, India Nifty/Sensex, UK FTSE, and Hong Kong Hang Seng. Having seen equity markets in different countries, we decided to create this informative and accountable stock advisory site for Stock Market investors and traders. The stock market advice we share on this site (with our subscribers) is the same advice that large investors and funds are buying for over thousands/million dollars per year.

Q3. How do you make your stock selections and how do you track their performance?

Answer: We have an actively managed stock trading portfolio and when we say Stock X is good to buy at current price, then we are buying it ourselves. There is no gap between our recommendations and actions. The performance of our trading is available on this site. This site aims to keep things simple and just use this website and email to share the tips, so we can continue to focus on our own stock trading business. We have been in the Indian Stock Market since 1997, and we have seen all of the CNX 100 stocks grow in front of us in the last 13 years. For example, our initial purchase price of Reliance Industries is at Rs  150, IDBI Bank at Rs 15, BHEL at RS 50 (bonus adjusted price).

Q4. How many stocks do you hold in your stock portfolio? And what kind of trading gains to you target?

Answer: We have about 25 stocks in our stock portfolio, of which about 10 stocks are for long term investment (our core holding), and we buy more of them if their market price falls 20% lower than our cost price. The remaining 15 stocks are for trading, which we buy at lower prices and sell at higher prices with 5-25% gain in 1 week to 3 months.

Q5. What kind of investment gains to you target?

Answer: We prefer mid-cap and large-cap stocks. Our target returns are 100% over 3 years and 200% over 5 years. Most of our core investment stocks will be with us for 10 years. Our trading activities fund our investment activities. We will share some of our core portfolio holdings with subscribers, to benefit you from our work and build a strong long-term portfolio.