Indian Stock Market Picks

If you are trading in the Indian stock market, you can benefit from our Indian Stock Market Picks. We will share 2-3 stock picks per month for delivery based stock trading.

Each stock pick will come in the following format.

Stock: IFCI
Buy Price: Rs 65
Target Price: Rs 75
Target Gain: 15%
Time frame: 2-3 months

The above target was achieved within our time frame and we made a good profit in this trade. IFCI is also a good stock for long term investment because it can get a banking license, which will reduce its cost of funds for its investments. IFCI is a profitable stock over long term, and we remain bullish on it.

If we feel that the market is going to fall, we will share our views and inform you that we are selling our stocks, and you can consider the same. Saving losses is as important as making profits.

Please Note: We do not trade in stocks with market cap under Rs 500 crore — because market operators can manipulate such stocks easily, and liquidity is not reliable in such stocks, and its not possible to sell such stocks easily if you have a large block of shares. We prefer reputed mid-cap stocks and large-cap stocks that have liquidity and that can not be manipulated by regular market operators because of their size.

Package Fee: USD 250 for 3 months, and USD 750 for 12 months.

We believe you can easily earn back this small fee in the trades suggested by us. If you are intereted to subscribe, please contact us or leave a message using the comment form below.