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US Stock Picks

If you trade the US stock market, you can benefit from our US Stock Picks. We only trade in high quality stocks that are typically in the top 5 within their industries. We will share 2-3 stock picks every month for delivery based stock trading.

You will get our stock picks in the following format.
Stock: McDonald’s Corp. (MCD)
Buy Price: $ 67
Target Price: $ 77
Target Gain: 15%
Time frame: 6 months

The above target was achieved within the time frame and it made a good profit for those who used our stock pick. By the way, McDonald’s Corp. (MCD) is a very good quality stock for any investment timeframe, and one can buy it for 5-10% gains every time its stock price by 5-10% falls due to market-wide fall. It is a safe stock with a profitable business. We look for such stocks in our US stock picks.

If we feel the market is going to fall, we will let you know that we are selling our stocks, and you can consider the same. Saving losses is more important than making profits.

Fee: USD 99 for 3 months, or USD 345 for 1 year.
If you have a stock trading portfolio USD 5000 or more, we believe you can easily earn back thispayment in just one trade suggested by us. Email us to get started: info @ alphastocktrading.com

P.S. We do not trade in penny stocks. If you are looking for penny stock picks, this is not the site for you, and we will sincerely advise you to not risk your money in such stocks. The only winners in penny stocks are the stock operators and their promoters.