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Indian Stock Market: Both FIIs and DIIs are Selling

For the last two days (Dec 6 and Dec 7), something uncommon is happening in the Indian Stock Market: Both FIIs and DIIs are selling! (Dec 6: 500 crore net sell; Dec 7: 1000 crore net sell). This is uncommon because one of the two parties usually acts as net buyer when the other party is net seller.
In an entire year, we may not see more than 10-15 such days. It means all large players are seeing a need to cut their equity positions for whatever reasons. Till the FIIs start buying, we urge our readers to be cautious and not buy any new stocks or buy any new stocks at higher end of valuation like 52 week high, because profits are being taken out across the board. The best confirmation to start buying is when the FIIs start buying since they contribute to about 67% of the Indian stock market volume.