SPDR-Gold ETF portfolio gives 10.2% annual return over 3 years

Investors seeking to diversify their portfolio across asset classes must consider ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). Singapore Exchange (SGX) lists ETFs that track stock market indices, bonds and money market indices in addition to the world’s most popular gold index. The SPDR STI ETF (STI ETF) and SPDR Gold Shares ETF (Gold Shares) are two of the most active ETFs that are listed for trading on SGX. Over the past year, a portfolio of the SPDR STI and SPDR Gold Shares ETFs generated a total return of 5.3%, not including transaction fees.

Over the past three years, a portfolio of the SPDR STI and SPDR Gold ETF generated a return of 33.9%, not including transaction fees. This averaged to annualised return of 10.2%. The different total returns of the two ETFs reflect the historical degree of diversification of the two assets. Because of the associated risk and nature ETFs are categorised Specified Investment Products and like stocks, past performances do not guarantee future results.

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