Based on our experience of thousands of good trades, and hundreds of bad trades, we have built a profitable stock trading business. We carry trades in stocks and futures over multiple time frames, from a few days to a several years per holding.

We have helped investors and traders in different markets, from USA, UK, India, China, Hong Kong. You can also profit from our stock market expertise.

Our Consulting Service can help you make better trades and investments.

  • We can provide price targets and price range, for an Index or a stock over 3-6-12 month timeframe.
  • With the S&P500, our inputs can get you a quarterly gain of 100 points, which is a lot if we trade S&P500 futures.
  • We can provide you good entry points for a long or short trade that can last for few days or a few weeks. Some of the entry points can give explosive moves giving 5-10% within a few days.
  • We can give you a staggered buying plan for accumulating high quality stocks or index ETFs like — SPY, QQQ, INDY, IBM, GOOG, IBN, SAN, WIT — along with potential upside price targets over next 6 months to 2 years that can be used for selling with a good profit.

Fees for the above services ranges from US $100 to 500 per service. 

Please contact us to learn more:  info @

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