SPDR ETF Trading-2007-2010

Following is the trading summary with SPDR ETF Trading-2007-2010. The SPDR (S&P 500 ETF) is most preferred ETF – solid, reliable and always bounces back from the worst dark days.
Our trading experince with SPDR can be summarised in one line: Have faith in the SPDR and it will never disappoint you. There are many fads and fashions in the market, but only one lifetime friend, the SPDR.


From March 2007 to April 2010, Our Simple ETF-based Portfolio Delivered 127% Gain compared to 13% Loss in S&P 500 ETF Over the Same Time Period

When we buy the Index ETFs, its like buying the entire market, which significantly reduces company specific risks. Even the best quality stocks can run into big trouble. For example, you know how Goldman Sachs fell 25% over 2 weeks in April 2010 due to legal issues.

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